Blondie's First Days At Home

Mommy, Daddy and I arrived to our home in Invermere about 5:00PM on Thursday, September 23rd. I traveled in my own carrier and was very good for the whole trip home.

I was hungry, thirsty and wanted to play, So, I ate, drank then terrorized Mom, Dad my toys and everything I could.


I fell sound asleep after this. Mom actually had to put me into a traveling crate as I would not settle down and she was nervous about Charlie and Sonata, who I understand are my pet cats. I had Mom up at 10:00 PM, them Midnight, 2:00AM, 4:00AM and when I wasn't awake at 6:20 AM she looked in on me and WOKE ME UP.

I understand that I was very, very good as I peed on command outside each time. Mind you the ground was so COLD that this was very easy to pee quickly.

I then was taken to bed to warm me up and I proceeded to terrorize Dad! WOW, his ears and chin are fun to chew!


Next came my favorite thing in all my world - I ate my breakfast.
I think food has to be my favorite thing.

I tried to follow Mom everywhere; but for some reason, I am afraid of the hard cold kitchen floor. I just do not want to walk on it at all.

I just love the cat's play toy. I can haul it all over the frontroom! I also love the blanket Grandpa gave me. That's what I'm standing on. I drag it all over too.
I'm TOUGH!!!

Later in the afternoon, I finally met Charlie face to face. He didn't want to play with me so I growled and jumped at him. SILLY CAT! I just want to play with him.

I play for about 2 hours at a time then I get so tired I just have to have an hours nap, Sometimes even a bit longer. After every nap, Mom takes me out to pee, poo and play. Again, I have been very good and have only had one accident in my home.

I love it outside;but Mom is so busy watching and keeping me safe that she wasn't able to get a picture of me playing in the grass. I'm sure glad the grass wasn't as cold as it was earlier this morning.

After one of my naps, I woke up and everything was upside down


After dinner, another trip outside and a BIG playtime, Mom said it was time for a little bath. Just my face and backside; but it was easier just to stand me in the sink. I love the water and tried to drink all the bath water. Mom then blow dried my fir so that I would not get cold. I then fell sound asleep in Mommy's arms. I am now in dreamland in my bed.
Goodnight all!
Miscellaneous pictures from Blondie's first days.

First time on a leash while still at my home in 100 Mile House.

I'm really not impressed but I did walk at bit for Mom.

Which toy should I bite?

Mom, I have to go pee again!!!
Come get me quick!!


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