Blondie's Blog - Oct. 09, 2005

Blondie arrived home late Friday September 23rd and the poor baby became sick early Sunday morning. As I thought that this " sick" tummy was just a result of travel, food and water changes on top of a new environment, I passed it off as stress induced.

Blondie was taken off all food and just allowed water. This did not do the trick so I phoned a very trusted and local vet-assistant and was advised to give Blondie some Pepto Bismol. This seemed to do the trick as Blondie slept fairly well Sunday night.

As soon as Blondie started moving around Monday morning, she became frightfully ill (vomiting and diarrhea). We quickly took Blondie to the veterinary hospital where she was admitted and blood work drawn. She was started on an intravenous and IV antibiotics. Her blood test for Parvo was positive.

Parvo as you may or may not know can be very fatal, but I will not go into that. There is lots of information on the WWW if you are interested.

Fortunately Blondie survived her four days in the hospital and was able to come home late Thursday (Sept. 29) afternoon. I will let Blondie tell you her story now.

In the vet hospital, I was all-alone in a cold cage and boy it was dark and scary, especially at night. I was so happy when I was taken back home.

Here I am at my water dish the day I came home from the hospital. See my pink bandage on my leg; that was where they had my intravenous. I took the bandage off myself later that evening. They even shaved the fur off my leg - isn't that awful!

I was very tired after my BIG tummy ache and slept a lot. I like to sleep with my pink duck. It was the very first toy Mom and Dad gave to me. They gave it to me while I was still in my first home in 100 Mile house.
Would you believe it; while in the hospital, the vets told me that I came to my new home fully loaded with fleas and a tummy full of worms on top of my Parvo virus. Mom, was and still is, quite upset about this, but she says that we can easily take care of this problem with a couple of pills and a few fleas soap baths. I don't mind taking baths and I like the hair blowdrier as it is like a nice warm wind...

I'm on a very special diet for my tummy. It's called ID (Intestinal Diet). Mom is slowly adding more boiled hamburger and rice to it each day. I also get a special herb tea (Peppermint, spearmint and chamomile) and puppy replacement milk. The tea soothes my tummy and the puppy formula adds the calories that I need.

The other day Mom made bean soup for Dad and Grandpa and she used a BIG ham bone to flavour the soup. She gave me the well-boiled and cleaned bone to chew on - WOW! Was that good, but, I wish she would have left some meat on it for me. Oh well, maybe next time when my tummy is all better.

I'm now also allowed a few small pieces of boiled hamburger when Mom tries to teach me things like COME, SETTLE DOWN, STAY, NO, NO, NO, There is just so much to learn... That NO word is used so much - Mom says that I will eventually learn what it means (she hopes).

My Grandpa lives downstairs and do I ever love him. When he comes upstairs to visit or have his dinner, I rush to the gate at the top of the stairs and shake a paw with him. When he picks me up, I take it upon myself to wash his face especially before and after his dinner. I'm sure he appreciates it. He sure has BIG hands. I almost disappear when he holds me.


I am told that I am a real SCAMP and that I have short legs. What do you think?

I sleep between Mom and Dad at night in the BIG people bed. Sometimes I even lay on their heads. Dad lacking hair sort of likes this as it keeps his head warm. Mom thinks it looks like Dad has a white toupee on and she laughed at us and woke us both up. How rude!


Did I tell you that we also have two pet cats in our home? Sonata is very old (19) and is crabby . She sleeps most of the time so I never bother her.

But Charlie, the big black cat, and I sort of try to play together. I jump at him and chase his tail. Sometimes he just lets me do it but all of a sudden he cuffs me.

I'm trying hard to be friends but, I really have to watch as he has sharp claws! I felt them once or twice already, so I am a little more cautious.

I really want him to like me so that we can be best pals but I think this might take awhile.


Well , I must get some sleep now. I also have to go outside to pee before going to bed so I will say bye for now.






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