Blondie's Blog - Oct. 27, 2005

Blondie continues to do well. She had her first BIG haircut on Tuesday!  I will let her tell you all about it.

Here I am busy playing in my toy box. As you can see, you can barely see my eyes. So, Mom declared it was time for my first haircut.

Mom and Dad tried to keep me still enough to do a trim at home themselves; but, I sure wouldn't sit still for that.

Mom quickly booked me in for a "Professional" hair do!


The first step was to give me a nice warm bath at home. I'm not really fond of full baths; but the water is sort of fun. Then I get to cuddle in a big warm towel and Mom takes out this funny, noisy machine that blows warm air at me. I think that is funny! I try to bite the air!

I understand that the lady who does doggie hair cuts also does baths; but Mom did not want to get me too stressed out or tired.

This will be a real adventure for me.


Mom then said that I had to go outside to do my business as I would have to sit still for awhile.

I showed Mom and Dad that I had potential as a pointer dog.


I was then driven to the Vet Clinic (I did not remember that place too fondly). I tried to be brave; but I was so scarred.

Then, I met Judy my puppy groomer. She was really nice to me and we soon became good friends. I was still very nervous; but she promised me that she would take things slowly and that it wouldn't hurt at all.

First, she clipped the hair on my paws. That was not too bad!


Judy continued to clip my fur with those "BIG" scissors but she was very gentle and she told me that "I was a very brave girl".

Judy also clipped my toenails. My first pedicure!

It wasn't to scary at all. I think that was because Judy was so nice to me.

Next, Judy brought out a real funny noisy machine that I had never seen before. It buzzed and felt funny. I was sort of scarred; but again Judy told me how brave and good I was.

I couldn't say that she was wrong, so I HAD to be good and brave to please her. Or at least I had to try!



This part was really scary! Judy put this strap around my neck and I was held up by a leash sort of thing.

Judy had a lot of talking to do to get me to accept this part of the deal. She was so sweet to me that soon I wasn't afraid at all.


Just a little trim around the neck please

That Tickles!

Careful what you cut off back there

I have a mustache! I thought only boys had those!


Yes! We're done!

That wasn't so bad after all!

Judy said goodby to me and again told me that I was such a good and brave puppy.

Mom decided that I should have my hair cut here every month. So, she booked another appointment.

I look forward to seeing Judy again next month. She was so nice to me!



Mom and Dad then took me back home and I then HAD a Big playtime.

How do you like my new "Hair Do"


I then invited Charlie to have a game of tag with me. We play together a fair bit now; but when he gets tired of playing, I have to be quick to get away -
He has SHARP claws!


I have finally taught Mom and Dad how to play fetch.

So, after playtime with Charlie was over, I took my squeaky toy to Dad and invited him to play fetch with me


Well , it has been a very busy day and I am getting very sleepy.
I think that I will relax at my Dad's feet .
Bye for now.






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