Blondie's Blog - February 05, 2006

I turned 6 months old on February the 3rd and what did they do - No cake & candles -


Yes, Blondie turned 6 months old last Friday.

She's a fun hand full and we enjoy her immensely!

She's now pretty much house broken - well, there is a few accidents yet; but we won't discuss those.

She now weighs in at 12 pounds and Dr. Mark says that she needs to be on a more controlled diet. She does love to eat - I can understand that! WE will try to cut back on the treats for her own good though.

Her surgery was uneventful and she the rest of her physical was good.

Blondie can continue with her story.


Hello everyone.

Before last Friday and my BIG surgery, I was full of energy. Today, I'm sort of feeling sorry for myself. I still am playing; but my stitches are pulling or something.

I love to play fetch with all my toys. I don't quite get the idea of dropping them so my people can throw them again. I can hardly wait until spring when I can play fetch outside. I really love to be out-of-doors even when it is very cold

Mom and Dad say that I have a long skinny tongue - What do you think?

I tell them that it comes in handy when you need to clean a dew drop of your nose!
Pretty smart of me hey!


I got my hair cut by Shannon, my hairdresser, just two weeks ago. Mom likes my long tail that is always curled over my back when I am happy - which is most of the time.

Even I can have a bad mood and a sour face - Can't I!



Today is Sunday - a day of rest - And, I need it.
My tummy is sore today. You can see my shaved tummy and incision on the pictures below. Mom says that my stitches are starting to heal and that this is normal. I don't like to jump off the bed either, so I bark for Mom to come and rescue me.

I think that I will milk all of the sympathy I can out of this. Telling me that my treats are cut back doesn't help either. Can you see how small of a piece of doggy cookie Mom gave me.


I'll get as much sympathy as I can as I feel play time coming on and I will start to run and jump all over Mom, Dad, Grandpa and Charlie cat. Yes, I still like to rough house with him. Some times he gets pretty mad at me when I bit his tail too hard!




I'll talk to you all in an other month or so, until then I'll say good-bye and Love for now,



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