Blondie's Blog - May, 2006
Blondie goes on her first picnic and camping trip!

I'm Nine Months old and growing and taking on new adventures!


We went for a ride and a picnic to Cartwright and Cleland Lake on May 7th. This was my first picnic! We had beans and sandwiches - all fine picnic chow!

This trip was to check and see if the lakes had thawed out so we could come back to camp and fish. The day of our picnic was fairly warm and sunny; but that was the last good weather we would see for the week.

I'm admiring the view at Cleland Lake


Our picnic at Cleland lake. I'm enjoying my canned beans.

After lunch, I went down to the lake to see what I could find.
Me checking out the lake water. A few minutes after this picture, I actually stepped on a slippery log and fell into the lake. My first dunking! Boy was the mud ever gooey, smelly and black. I LOVED it!
Yup - That's the log I fell off of!

Monday saw all of us on the bumpy, windy, nerve shaking road back to Cartwright Lake for my first camping trip. This time Mom gave me some Gravol (Tummy medicine) so I wouldn't get car sick like I did when we went for our picnic.

It was very cold at Cartwright Lake and we actually had snow in the campground the first day of our camping trip. I keep very warm with my thick coat though.

As well as camping - we went fishing. Actually Dad called it boat riding as he was the only one to catch a fish in 4 days! I didn't even get nervous when Dad brought the fish into the boat.!

I took to boat riding just like an old sailor. The first few times I hid, I mean stayed under my blanket to keep warm. After that I sat up and enjoyed watching the birds and all the scenery. The swallows flew so low over the lake that they fascinated me.


This is a picture of us the very first night enjoying a campfire. That was something new for me too.

It was so much fun digging in the dirt, chasing squirrels, investigating new smells and reading the campground doggie newsletters. Mom thought that my nose would wear out!

Mom took me for lots of long walks around the campgrounds. I love the out-of-doors and fresh air!





Hot on the trail of the squirrel!
Yes, that's good honest to goodness
dirt all over my face!
I hope Mom doesn't wash it off!

Hanging out in my bed.

I did sleep at lot of the time in the boat as all that fresh air made me sleepy.
Mom holding me on one of our fishing excursions.
Looking over the boat dock to see if there were any shinners (little fish) swimming around.
Helping to collect firewood at the end of the fishing day. We're having another campfire!
The last day was COLD again so we ate lunch, packed up and went home.

I'll talk to you all in an other month or so, until then I'll say good-bye and Love for now,


Relaxing in the trailer after another BIG day!



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