Blondie's Blog - July 28, 2007
Blondie just before her second birthday - August 03, 2005



Hi Everyone,

I can't believe that it took Mom so long to help me update my Blog. She finally got at it just before my second birthday.

They say you stop being a puppy and become a dog at two - WELL, I plan to stay a puppy just as long as I can.

They say I'm chubby! Well this is what I tell them - a razzberry is hard to do for a puppy!
I love to have bones; but you really have to keep an eye open to make sure that Charlie Cat does not touch them. Mom has been noted to swipe and trash them as well.

Charlie - Let me smell your breath to see if you have eaten another mouse.

Did I ever tell you that Charlie brought me a mouse twice now. The first time Mom took it away from me but; the second time, I fooled her and swallowed it whole when she told me to spit it out.

Oh! It was fuzzy and that long tail was hard to swallow. I wonder how Charlie eats those all the time? YUCK!

Mom and Dad still take me prospecting! I try to point out good rocks for them but Dad says they are "leaverite" - Leave them right there!
Aren't I just the cutest thing you've ever seen!

As you can see, I like to sleep on my back.

Sometimes I even like to look at my treats upside down!
Maybe I DO eat too much! So many of my pictures have food in them.
Oh well, I'm a happy pup!

In the evenings, Dad, Mom, Charlie and I love to sit on our front deck. On these hot days an evening breeze feels so good even if it does blow my ears into my eyes.


Have I ever told you that Charlie and I have nick names?
It's Mutt and Jeff!
Can you tell me - is that good or bad?


Well, it's time for me to say good-bye for this Blog. It's getting too long and I think I need a sleep.






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