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Avril's Personal Shell Collection


These are shells from my personal collection. I am still quite a novice at identifying shells corrctly. I am in the ongoing process of scanning my collection and beginning the monumental task of identifying them. New shells and scans are being added frequently and many are just tentatively ided or not ided at all. Use these pages and identifications at your own risk! (Avril B)

Miscellaneous Shells
- By Family


Miscellaneous Micro and Small Shell Collections
- By Country






Hawaiian Shell Collection
These and other scanned but as yet unidentified Hawaiian shells in my collection can be viewed at: Caution: Large, slow loading pages
Hawaii Micros
Sorting Page
Sorting Page


Philippine Shell Collection
Page 1 > 10mm
Page 2
( May be some Hawaiian shells in this mix)
Page 3 < 10 mm


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