Blondie's Blog - Dec.31, 2005

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Blondie has had a very busy December. She now weighs in at 11 pounds.

She still in not totally house broken, but, we won't talk about embarrassing things!

She was totally spoiled by her family at Christmas and just to keep things musically correct, She lost "HER TWO FRONT TEETH" just a few days before Christmas. All be it bottom teeth, we thought it was very appropriate.

Hello everyone.

My first BIG task to learn this month was to figure out how to go and visit my Grandpa in the downstairs suite. With Mom at the top of the stairs and Grandpa and Papa Val at the bottom of the stairs, a BIG bunch of Cheerios treats on hand, I finally got brave enough to give it a try.

You know what - It wasn't scary at all and I go down to see Grandpa any time (which is quite often) to visit him all by myself. You know what - he has a container of Cherrios treats too and he's easy to charm out of those and other treats as well.

I wonder if Mom knows that I have breakfast with him! Peanut butter and toast -YUMMY!

Charlie and I have lots of fun playing together. Sometimes we get a bit rough and one of us yells as we get our ears bitten or scratched; but, we never really hurt each other.

This is often how our play goes: Charlie taps me with his paw -

I pretend to ignore him - then I attack -

Ahh he got me!!!!!! Then we start all over again. We run throughout the entire house and we have been told that we sound like a herd of elephants!


When Mom is on the computer, I just lay beside her feet and go sound asleep. You know, sometimes she just keeps working and working.... I think she forgets about me, so,l I nip her feet. That catches her attention.

I like to go for long walks in our yard with her. The weather hasn't been so cold the last week so we spend a lot of time outside.




Mom still insist that I need baths. I try to tell her that I'm supposed to smell like a dog! That's what I am! She says that if I want to sleep in bed with her and Dad, I have to be and smell nice and clean.

Oh well, I really don't mind. Besides tomorrow is another day to go and dig in the yard. I wonder if it will be warm enough for me to make mud pies and holes in the garden. That's my absolute favorite thing to do.

Love for now,


By the way, Mom apologizes for the poor pictures, She had her camera set wrong.


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