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Books and materials used:

  1. Hawaiian Marine Shells: Reef and Shore Fauna of Hawaii Section 4:
    Molluscs by E. Alison Kay 1979
  2. From Hawaiian Marine Molluscs -an update to Kay 1979
    compiled by Fabio Moretzsohn and E. Alison Kay
    University of Hawai'i at Manoa June 1995

Hawaiian Shells from my Personal Collection
Class: Gastropoda

  • SubOrder: Ptentoglossa

SuperFamily: CONOIDEA



Family: Turridae
   SubFamily: Turrinae
Family: Clavinidae

Page 23


Kay 335
Moretzsohn & Kay:
Page #12

Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Turridae
  • SubFamily: Turrinae
      Genus: Gemmula
        Species: congener unilineata (Powell, 1967)
        Species: interpolata (Powell, 1967)
        Species: microscelida (Dall, 1895)
        Species: monilifera (Pease, 1861)
        Species: psuedomonilifera (Powell, 1967)
        Species: tessellatta (Powell, 1967)
      Genus: Turridrupa
        Species: albofasciata (Smith, 1877)
        Species: bijubata (Reeve, 1843)
        Species: consobrina (Powell, 1967)
        Species: weaveri (Powell, 1967)
      Genus: Turris
        Species: crispa intricata (Powell, 1964)
      Genus: Xenuroturris
        Species: non Xenoturis
        Species: castanella (Powell, 1964)
        Species: cerithiformis (Powell, 1964)
        Species: gemmuloides (Powell, 1967)
        Species: kingae (Powell, 1964)

Family: Turrinae

7 mm.
Turridrupa bijubata


Kay 343
Moretzsohn & Kay:
Page #12

Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Clavinidae
      Genus: Carinapex
        Species: minutissima (Garret, 1873)
        Species: papilosa (Garret, 1873)
      Genus: Ceritoturis
        Species: bittium (Dall, 1924)
      Genus: Clavus
        Species: rissoiniformis (Kay, 1979)
      Genus: Clavus (Spendrillia)
        Species:laeta (Hinds, 1843)
        Species: nodilifera (Pease, 1860)
      Genus: Clavus (Tylotiella)
        Species:mighelsi (Kay, 1979)
        Species: powelli (Kay, 1979)
        Species: pusilla (Garret, 1873)


Family: Clavidae



Kay 348
Moretzsohn & Kay:
Page #13

Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Clavinidae
  • SubFamily: Mitrolumininae
      Genus: Lovellona
        Species: atramentosa (Reeve, 1849)
        Species: peaseana (Finlay, 1927)
      Genus: Mitrolumna
        Species: alphonsiana (Hervier, 1899)
        Species: iki (Kay, 1979)
        Species: metula (Hinds, 1843)


SubFamily: Mitrolumininae

6 mm.
also in very light brown
Lovellona atramentosa
9 mm.
Lovellona peaseana
11 mm .
Lovellona (345)
Clavis laeta
7 mm.

Kay 350
Moretzsohn & Kay:
Page #13

Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Clavinidae
  • SubFamily: Mangeliinae
      Genus: Anacithara
        Species: perfecta (Kay, 1979)
      Genus: Eyrema
        Species: acricula (Hedley, 1922)
      Genus: Eucithara
        Species: angiostoma (Pease, 1868)
        Species: pusilla (Pease, 1960)
      Genus: Glyphostoma
        Species: hikihiki (Kay, 1979)
      Genus: Lienardia (Hemilienardia)
        Species: apiculata (Montrouzier, 1864)
        Species: balteata (Pease, 1864)
      Genus: Lienardia
        Species: crassicostata (Pease, 1860)
        Species: fenestrata (Melvill, 1889)
        Species: leutea (Pease, 1860)
        Species: mighelsi (Iredale & Tomlin, 1917)
      Genus: Macteola
        Species: segesta (Chenu, 1850)
      Genus: Paeamontana
        Species: exilis (Pease, 1860)

Family: Mangeliinae

4-6 mm.
Lienardia balteata

4 mm.
Lienardia balteata

7.5 mm.
Lienardia balteata
Lienardia lutea

5-7 mm.
Lienardia apiculata

7 mm.
Lienardia mighelsi

7 mm.
Lienardia mighelsi

11 mm.
Lienardia balteata


Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Clavinidae
  • SubFamily: Daphnellinae
      Genus: Daphnella
        Species: interrupta (Pease, 1860)
        Species: ornata (Hinds, 1844)
        Species: sandwicensis (Pease, 1860)
      Genus: Eucylostoma
        Species: albomaculata (Kay, 1979)
      Genus: Kermia
        Species:aniani (Hinds, 1979)
        Species: bifasciata (Pease, 1860)
        Species: brunnea (Pease, 1860)
        Species: cylindrica (Pease, 1860)
        Species:sp. cf. edychroa (Hervier, 1896)
        Species: melanoxytum (Hervier, 1895)
        Species: producta (Pease, 1860)
        Species:sp. New record (Hemmes et al, 1991
        Species: pumilla (Mighels, 1845)
        Species: pyrgoidea (Melvill, 1917)
      Genus: Microdaphne
        Species:trichoides (Dall, 1919)
      Genus: Tritonoturis
        Species: cumingii (Powys, 1835)
        Species: paucicicostata (Pease, 1860)
        Species: robilardi (H. Adams, 1869)
        Species: paucicicostata (Pease, 1860)
        Species: subrissoides (Hervier, 1897)
      Genus: Vepecula
        Species: brunonia (Dall, 1924)

SubFamily: Daphnellinae



Kay 364
Moretzsohn & Kay:
Page #13

Order: Conodea (-Toxoglassa)
  SubOrder: Ptenoglossa
    Family: Clavinidae
  • SubFamily: Turriculinae
      Genus: Comitas
        Species: kamakurana (Pilsbry, 1895) ?
      Genus: thatcheriasyrinx

SubFamily: Turriculinae



7 mm.
?? Daphnella
Kermia pyrgoidea
5 mm.
?? Daphnella
Kermia bifasciata
8 mm.
?? Daphnella
15 mm.
??Buccinidae 262
?? Costellariidae
?? Mangeliinae (351)
8 mm.
3 & 2 mm.
??Daphnellidae protoconch
5 mm.
Kermia pumila

2 mm.
19 mm.

9 mm.
20 mm.
??Buccinidae 262
Daphnellinae 359


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