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Mammals:  In General

All about Mammals:  by Enchanted Learning Zoom School Web
Teachers!!! Don’t miss this exciting web resource;  Enchanted  Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.

Mammals:  A great collection of specific mammal pictures

Mammals  & Other online Resources For Project Teach 1997:  Teachers!  This is another site specifically designed for you and kids there’s lots of good information on mammals here for you if you are in to following links.

The Mammal Society: Hear the daily mammalian news and facts with this British Group of mammal lovers.  Lots to learn and have fun while learning it.  This is a BIG site so have plenty of time to explore it.

The UCMP Hall of Mammals:  Join in the quest for more mammalian knowledge.  This is a site for older students and definitely anyone wanting in-depth mammalian information


Marine Resource Page on Man and Mollusc Site:


Marine Mammals:

Cat's Dolphin Pages:  Lots of info; however the site is under major renovations and some links do not work at this time (December 6, 2000)

David's Whale and Dolphin Watch –“Welcome to David's Dolphin and Whale photos, one of the largest collection of dolphin and whale pictures on the Web! This is the place for all fans of whales and dolphins..”. This site has some nice pictures & sounds

Dolphins Around the World:  Great photos along with a few facts of individual dolphin species.

Dolphin Synergy:  A virtual journey into Dolphin Hyperspace by Daniel McCulloch

Friends of the Sea Otter, a non-profit organization:  Lots of interesting info on sea otters.

The Marine Mammal Center:  Introduction to Marine Mammals - Your Source for Otter Fun, Facts, and Faces homepage.  Otternet has a wealth of interesting facts on otters. Our 50 + pages will help you with getting the information you need. Otternet is the largest resource on the Internet for otter information

Texas Marine Mammal Stranding Network:  The Network rescues and rehabilitates marine mammals that strand along the Texas Coast, providing food, medical treatment and 24-hour-a-day observation.

Whales, All about: by the Enchanted
Teachers!!! Don’t miss this exciting web resource;  Enchanted  Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.



Marsupials of Australia: by Australian

Marsupial Mammals:  by UCMP Berkely



Miscellaneous A - L

NetVet & the Electronic Zoo originate from the vivid imagination and late night web-surfing of Dr. Ken Boschert, a Veterinarian at Washington University's Division of Comparative Medicine, located in St. Louis, Missouri. Among this server's Web Pages are numerous views of Veterinary Medical and Animal resources available on the Internet and beyond. See What's New and be sure to visit this week's best animal-related Web site, the Pick of the Litter.

Ocean Animals: Reference information about a host of sea creatures including killer whales, eagle rays, common puffins, harbour porpoises, coral reef animals, and estuary and coastal water animals. An illustration of each animal is accompanied by details of their class, order, size, family, scientific name, range, diet, conservation status, and habitat. General facts about sea turtles and invertebrates such as sponges, molluscs, echinoderms, and cnidarians are also offered.     Author: Evergreen Project

  • Kratts' Creatures:  “Hey all you Creature Adventurers! Welcome to the Kratts' Creatures Web site! Use the Creature Signpost to start out on your very own Creature Adventure and explore the fascinating and funny creaturnalities of creatures the world over. Keep your eyes open -- 'cause there are all kinds of cool creatures EVERYWHERE!”
  • Zoboomafoo: Colouring pages, games, adventures and much more to keep you entertained;  but be careful; while having fun, you may just learn something about animals.

Quillo's Online Zoo!  Hello, I am Quillo the hedgehog. Welcome to my zoo!   Follow Quillo through his “virtual zoo”.

The Virtual Silurian Reef :  by the Milwaukee Public Museum:  During the Silurian Period in earth history, 425 million years ago, when much of North America was covered by a shallow, tropical sea, reefs flourished in the area now occupied by Wisconsin and Illinois. This site uses these reefs as a vehicle for students to learn general principles, local details, and environmental significance of the study of the ancient past.

The Virtual Zoo:  This web site was designed to bring a virtual zoo to anyone with access to the internet, regardless of their location in the world. Through the ThinkQuest program, we were able to accomplish this goal. Our zoo is a powerful educational tool which serves to heighten the general public's awareness of animals throughout the world. It also informs all students accessing our website about the alarming rate of human expansion into various animals' habitats. the Ultimate Wildlife Guide: a great source of links to pages on wildlife conservation and animal facts

Zooish:  Enter a real life world with Zooish and watch the animal kingdom and nature come to life.


Monotremata -The order of monotremes (Monotremata) consists of all mammals (5 species in total) that lay eggs instead of giving birth to live young.



Animal Connection: "This page is dedicated to the animals and the people who love them!"

Monkey Maddness –Heavy on the Commercial Content; but the site does promote knowledge and awareness of monkeys and all primates while striving to be informative and entertaining.  This is the search site to visit when you own or are thinking about owning a pet.




Aye-Aye's Primate Primer – Great pictures, information, and links to organizations working to protect gorillas, chimpanzees, aye-ayes, spider monkeys, and other endangered species.

Gorilla Video Live!: See these gorillas in their midst.

Grungy Ape, Ink.  "Welcome to the new Orangutan and Hominidae Information Center. "

Huge Primate Links List:  A very comprehensive list of web resources.

The Jane Goodall Institute: Wildlife Research, Education, and Conservation – “dedicated to researching and publicizing the unique status and special needs of chimpanzees, now an endangered species”

NetVet: Primates:  Wonderful links page

Primate Gallery – Photos, Vocalizations, Graphics, Links,  If its about primates, chances are you’ll find it here

Orang-utan:  by Jerry’s Junk Yard. An interesting site I found on orangs and a few other primates; but caution, it loads quite slowly.


Reptiles: Loaded with lizard pictures and information, this site is multi-lingual

  Crocodilian, Tuatara, and Turtle Species of the World - Online taxonomic and geographic reference;  Edited by F. Wayne King and Russell L. Burke

Crocodilians on the Net: Great links page  Meet the Crocodile Hunter; Steve Irwin from Australia. 2002) Online herp field guide, as well as links to breeders, herp societies, etc... Links Page: "Herpetology is the scientific study of reptiles and amphibians. Herpetoculture is the art and science of breeding snakes, lizards, turtles, tortoises, amphibians, and other herpetozoa in captivity. This site contains information and links to these subjects and associated topics."

Herp Pictures, References and On-Line Resources:  “My images can be used for any non-commercial purpose. Students and Teachers: feel free to use these resources for your reports, etc. Just drop me a line and let me know!”

Lizards! –A live expedition with the American Museum of Natural History reporting on lizards around the world, with daily dispatches and the truth about blood-squirting, camouflage, and parthenogenetic whiptails.

National Wildlife Federation: Tuatara - information about this native New Zealand reptile, which is known as a living fossil  (including information about the tuatara's third eye.)

Sea Turtle Migration-Tracking Education Program:  “Through this web page, you can view a regularly updated map showing the migratory movements of endangered sea turtles being tracked by satellite. It is hoped that by providing this unique look at the migratory habits of sea turtles, you will also be compelled to learn more about sea turtle biology, the threats they face and the ways in which you can help protect marine turtles.”

Tuatara: The World's Most Unique Reptile - Tuatara are the last surviving members of a family which stretches right back to the Mesozoic, to the beginning of the Age of Reptiles.

Turtles of the World – A prototype for a global database of turtle and tortoise distribution.  By John B. Iverson, A. Ross Kiester, Larry E. Hughes, A. Jon Kimerling, Kevin Sahr

World of Reptiles: The Snake.Org –This site includes snake biology, breeder links, photo galleries, and a quiz



AFRMA: American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association

  Capybara Page - home of the world’s largest rodent.

RMCA: Rat and Mouse Club of America

Web Directory: NetVet - Rodents:  A Large database of rodent links.



All About Sharksby the Enchanted
Teachers!!! Don’t miss this exciting web resource;  Enchanted  Zoom School is an on-line elementary school classroom with lessons in geography, biology, language arts, and early childhood activities.

Fiona's Shark Mania - graphics, clip art, Web sharks, true stories, sharks in literature, mailing list information, and links.

National Geographic:  Masterpiece of Evolution: The Shark - Includes white shark predatory behavior, giant nurse sharks, and weird fossil sharks.  Also to be fopund here is a great quiz and an “Ask to experts” page.

From SeaWorld & Bush Gardens:  Sharks and Their Relatives - a comprehensive reference from the Sea World education department.  Another GREAT site for teachers especially.

SharkFriends – This site is dedicated to educating visitors about sharks! I hope to dispel the myths and highlight the truths about these wonderful and intriguing animals that swim our oceans!

Awesome Travel Sightings: Sharks: A wonderful links page  Truth About the Monsters of the Deep – Lots of information on sharks.  Movies, glossary, quiz and lots more.


The Tapir Gallery:  Four species of tapir inhabit the planet today. All of them are endangered.  Find out what tapirs are and why they are interesting.  Multilingual pages



The Searching WolfThe Searching Wolf with undaunted courage and relentless fortitude is constantly on the move seeking out wolf information and stuff wherever it can be found. It's here, it's there, it's everywhere! It's The Searching Wolf!

Wolf Organizations: International links page


The Wolverine Foundation:  The wolverine (Gulo gulo) earned its place in North American folklore long before north-country trappers and a few over-zealous naturalists began to spin tales of a beast of great ferocity, cunning, and extraordinary strength. Indian mythology describes the wolverine as a trickster-hero, and a link to the spirit world. Still, even today the wolverine remains largely a mystery.


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